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MyDiveBag stocks al full range of scuba diving computers from Suunto and Uwatec through to Cressi.

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Liquivision Kaon Air and Nitrox Computer
"Rec Mode" offers one gas only for ultimate simplicity "Tec Mode" offers onegas up to 3 Nitrox mixe..
Ex Tax: £524.96
Liquivision X1 Expedition Dive Computer
The Liquivision X1 SCUBA diving represents the cutting edge in technical diving computer technology...
Ex Tax: £928.29
Liquivision Xeo Trimix CCR Computer
Brilliant Under Pressure. You spoke, we listened and delivered. We owe the inspiration for the Li..
Ex Tax: £676.63
Liquivison Lynx Air Integrated Computer T1
The only dive computer that combines the exceptional reliability of an OLED screen  with wirele..
Ex Tax: £966.63
Scubapro Aladin Square
Aladin Square A return to our "square" type screen and successor to the iconic Aladin Pro. An e..
Ex Tax: £249.17
Scubapro Digital 330 Wrist
Scubapro Digital 330 Wrist A very practical instrument that incorporates state-of-the-art mic..
Ex Tax: £110.83
Scubapro Galileo Gas Transmitter
Uwatec Galileo Gas Transmitter Hoseless gas integrated Sol or Luna computer: when used w..
Ex Tax: £179.17
Scubapro Galileo Luna
Uwatec Galileo Luna Galileo LUNA is everything you need for an extrodinary underwater experience...
Ex Tax: £332.50
Scubapro Galileo Protection Case
Galileo Protection Case Semi rigid Thermoform cases with zip opening Ideal for the ..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Scubapro Galileo Sol
Uwatec Galileo Sol Galileo is a state-of-the-art computer offering the ultimate in features and t..
Ex Tax: £499.17
Scubapro Meridian Dive Computer
To Be Realeased ..
Ex Tax: £332.50
Scubapro Meridian Heart Rate Belt
Meridian Heart Rate Belt The heart rate monitor transmits the pulse to the wrist unit to ..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Scubapro Meridian Interface
Scubapro Meridian Interface Download dives to your PC or Mac with the included Log TRAK s..
Ex Tax: £45.83
Scubapro Polar Heart Rate Transmitter
Uwatec Polar Heart Rate Transmitter Galileo is the first and only dive computer to have an in..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Suunto Cobra
Suunto Cobra : Suunto Cobra is an air-integrated console-mounted dive computer that combines vers..
Ex Tax: £287.50
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