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Hollis 210 HO2 Oxygen DIN Regulator Set
Hollis 210 + H-O2 Oxygen Kit   With the bulletproof design of the Hollis HP5 first st..
Ex Tax: £200.00
Hollis 221 + DC3 DIN Regulator Set
Hollis 221 + DC3 Kit   Built with the same quality as the DC1, without the swivel tur..
Ex Tax: £224.17
Hollis 500SE + DC7 DIN Regulator Set
Hollis 500SE + DC7 Kit Old School. New Tech. The new 500SE utilizes a servo controlled va..
Ex Tax: £345.83
Hollis Sidemount Regulator Kit
Sidemount Regulator Kit   Our SMS regulator kit is designed to take the guess..
Ex Tax: £720.83
IST Mouldable Mouthpiece
Mouldable to suit each individuals dental profile. The most appreciated benefit of having a p..
Ex Tax: £9.96
Scubapro A700
The Scubapro A700 is a high performance air balanced second stage with it's great user adjustme..
Ex Tax: £320.83
Scubapro C300
The Scubapro compact C300 Systems offer uncompromising breathing performance for avid recreational d..
Ex Tax: £124.17
Scubapro G260
G260 Second Stage The G260 is a new balanced adjustable second stage featuring metal componen..
Ex Tax: £212.50
Scubapro MK11
MK11 FIRST STAGE With its chrome plated brass body specially designed to reduce size and w..
Ex Tax: £122.50
Scubapro MK17
Premium breathing performance in all conditions. Our ultimate S600 second stage regulator paired wit..
Ex Tax: £149.17
Scubapro MK25
SCUBAPRO is synonymous with piston-controlled first stages. Our MK25 underscores this heritage wi..
Ex Tax: £215.83
Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator
The MK25 teamed with our exceptional new A700, offers superior ultra-high airflow system for maxi..
Ex Tax: £507.50
Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator
Our top performing balanced piston first stage paired with our high performance air balanced second ..
Ex Tax: £404.17
Scubapro MK2Plus
Classic downstream piston- The best example of bulletproof reliability and trouble-free, minimum mai..
Ex Tax: £97.50
Scubapro R095
Scubapro R095  Scubapro R095 is a new second stage featuring classic downstream valve techno..
Ex Tax: £70.83
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